(£3.50 per session)

Covid-19 has forced many of us to live our lives online and although their are positives to this, to much screen time can have a negative affect, particularly amongst children, many of whom are addicted to their technological device. Over time there will be a rise in obesity and mental illness as well as the inability to use essential life-skills because of lack of stimulation caused by staring at a screen. However, we can now turn our screen time use into a positive by joining our online Pre-school Parent and Child drama classes. 

These drama classes are designed  for both parent and child to have fun through activities, stories and music. 

The Child will discover their creativity, imagination, interactive skills and communication skills. 

The Parent will discover their inner-child. 

The Parent and Child will work together on the different drama activities, creating a special bond through drama.

All sessions last for 30 minutes
Please note the Saturday classes are subject to change due to developments with Covid-19



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